Low & Partners Worldwide is the advertising network of The Lowe Group. Through a procedure of creating fairness partnerships with unresolved indigenous aptitude, Lowe has recognized a highly successful network across Europe and North America. In 1995, Lowe began its growth in the Asia Pacific and Latin American areas. With offices in 32 countries, Lowe has billings of S$50.6 billion and is the 14th major network in the world.
Lowe & Partners Worldwide is separated into four regions

· Low & Partners Latin America
· Low & Partners Asia Pacific
. Low & Partners Europe
· Low & Partners North America

· Major multi-national clients embrace: Malibu, Mercedes-Benz (North America), The oca-Cola Company, Estée Lauder, casino bonus, General Motors (Europe) ,Avis, Baileys, Braun, Freespins, Henkel, Saab, Sara Lee and Smirnoff.·
In the earlier two years, Lowe has won more honors in all the major global and
local European commemorations than any other network of similar size.

Lowe & Partners UK

As clients are well aware it’s no longer enough for intervention groups to say ‘advertising’s the answer; now what’s the question?’ Marketing communications is now too important and too cultured for that. So, we have been emerging a Group of Companies that can produce a ‘media neutral’ rejoinder for clients give best advice without half an eye on our own bottommost line. The start of Low Direct and Western International Media, the attainment and acclimatization of Interfocus, and the expansion of our event management, sponsorship and digital marketing utilities mean that the progress made on this front newly has been enormous.


1. Lowe Howard-Spink is the UK’s 7th prime agency, with £285 million billings and 285 staff.

1. Lowe Howard-Spink is the earliest agency in the Top 10.
2. We have dependably been among the top three agencies in Europe for imaginative honors.
3. We were Agency of the Year at the 1990 Cannes Advertising Festival and the most efficacious agency at the Eurobeat awards in January 1990.


· Would you want to run away from clients like Tesco, Whitbread, Smirnoff, Vauxhall,
Reebok and Lloyds Bank?

1. Even the growing band of Net heads within the Agency admits there’s more to life
than interactive multimedia.
2. Call us old-fashioned but, despite using Digital Marketing more and more, we still
also quite like TV commercials, posters and other such quaint advertising memorabilia.


1. “To endeavor for excellence, whilst providing unparalleled value, and nurturing in
our staff a sense of career-long promise. And hey, let’s be nice to the forests.”
2. To be honest, when did anybody’s mission declaration ever make a variance? They’re
all based on the same clichés.
3. All Lowe Howard-Spink needs to do is produce an unresolved creative product. If you
want us to wax lyrical, OK – an unresolved imaginative product is the goal to
which we seek.
4. In the words of Frank Lowe, who founded the agency and is now Chairman of the
worldwide Lowe Group, an outstanding creative product helps us achieve these things.