About us

About us

We are a prominent advertising agency in the United Kingdom. We are pioneer in our creative works. Our first new work was for Express Newspaper. This was really great excitement. We have world recognized clients. We work for them relentlessly. Our featured clients are Smirnoff Marienberg contest. We also have Graduate Photo Story and Lowe Howard-Spink wins £600,000 free radio airtime for Olympus with radio ad. Lowe Howard-Spink Website is ‘the rest look like amateurs’. We have also won Tesco sweeps the board at the Marketing Society Awards.

Creative awards of Lowe Howard-Spink

The awards of Lowe Howard-Spink are Euro Best, Creative Circle, and Creative Director Accolade. These are the achievement and prominence for us.

Creative Work of Lowe Howard-Spink

See some of the work that has dominated the world’s major creative award ceremonies over the years.

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We only have 240 clients. 10 of them have been with us for over five years.
That’s because we priorities long-term associations, accumulation one or two new clients per annum.
Every single one of our clients has given us superfluous business since our original selection.
Our Vauxhall account, for example, has increased so much that it would now rank as the UK’s 16th biggest agency in its own right.

Our 1990 graduate recruits hail from Durham, Oxford and Cambridge Universities. Francesca Birch, Emma Hudson and Elizabeth Turner were the efficacious applicants from a field of 800 for our 1990/1 graduate consumption. They are now boarding on a 9 month state-of-the-art training program working in every section from report to planning to television production before they relax on their chosen positions within the Agency.
Want to job next time around? Ask for our brochure “How to get a job at Lowe Howard-Spink. Want to know how they’re getting on with their training? Read their month by month exposes of life in an publicity agency.

New Business

We were pleased this month to comfy an old friend back into the agency. Eve Gordon, previously of Vauxhall, who this year moved to Zoe Turnbull and Aitchison, selected us to handle the relaunch of their stores in 1997.


This month we said a sad farewell to Callum Hussain. A trooper who is documented as one of the main pillars of great publicity in the UK he has picked for the quiet life with the odd bit of freelancing on the side. A juncture like this had to have an appropriate party and for the full blow click here.
Happy Birthday to Us

Client of the Month

Every month we like to spotlight one of our clients and find out what advertising, other than their own, they certainly like. As it is our 16th Birthday we have been asking our clients to select work from our past.