“Observing the portfolio of Lowe Howard-Spink, we agreed to work with them. They performed well and made satisfied us. We also noticed that when Lowe Howard-Spink unfastened its doors for business in 1980 Whitbread were a founding client. Frank Lowe’s close association with the brewers had already spawned one of the great beer movements – ‘Refreshes the Parts’ – for Heineken. I am fully satisfied with the working performance of Lowe Howard-Spink. They are really great. They are true to their words. They can complete the in time. My company will advertise more than five years. Hope we will get chance to work with them in future.” – Tyler Harper

“Lowe Howard-Spink is highly exclusive. I am totally charmed creativity of Lowe Howard-Spink. Lowe Howard-Spink had been publicized only sporadically, with a series of implementations which focused on Stella’s individuality and the thorough brewing process it relished. It was still a very niche entertainer; the vast mainstream of lager – still a relative newcomer on the British pub scene. It made a virtue of the beer’s expense, telling drinkers that they were discriminating, with the cash to indulge that good sensitivity. It resounded flawlessly with the essence of the ’90s, a time of individualism and brazen prosperity for many people. This is the reason for which Lowe Howard-Spink is exclusive and exceptional.” – Christopher Green

“Lowe Howard-Spink is very good and exclusive. They advertise well. Their performance is well recognized. The communication of exceptionality was armor-plated by the style and tone of the press performances. It was stimulating, classic, and standoffish even. Many of the pieces of brand folklore and imagery were recognized in the great print work of the mid- and late-’89s: the brasserie setting, the folded bill, the mainland atmosphere. Nobody had ever promoted a beer in this way before, and it showed to be both ambitious and extremely inspiring. Throughout the ’90s the brand went from strength to strength. Sales quadrupled, rate of sale went up by 75 per cent, distribution shot up.” – Muhammad Henry

“Lowe Howard-Spink is undoubtedly a great team to promote a business with in the shortest possible time. At the recent Marketing Society ‘Oscars’ Tesco swept the board, winning every award that they were qualified for. Marketing Week, who backed the awards, commented that ‘Tesco’s transformation has been a remarkable story. In ten years, it has evolved from “pile it high, sell it cheap” to a philosophy and corporate culture built around customer service and “Every Little Helps’. Without the contribution of Lowe Howard-Spink it was nearly impossible. So we are really grateful and satisfied as well.” – Robert Phillips

“We have worked with them since 1989 in a growing capacity which now encompasses more than just advertising, we are proud that our “Every Little Helps”, has helped a little. Breaking Point, Crash of ’88, Czech, Golden Fleece, My Shout are the great contribution of Lowe Howard-Spink. So far as we wish the best and long life of Lowe Howard-Spink.” – Toby Brown